Hello UG, I need help with a problem. Im currently modifying an Ibanez RG320EX and I need to drop the tuning. The bridge is an Ibanez made Floyd Rose copy that is stock on this model of guitar. My problem is that I do not know how to adjust my tremolo for lower tunings. It is currently in E standard, but I want it in Dropped B. Is there anyone here that can help me with this problem?
I havent looked at the Ibanez Bridges spring system in detail but I know that all you have to do is balance out the tension (Less tension is being applied by the strings, so you will want to ease off the amount of tension being applied by the SPRINGS!) also I would advise switching to a higher gauge set of strings to help keep enough tension on the tremolo. Also keep in mind your whammy bar will be easier to push down and pull up with less tension on it so dive bombing will be much easier! BTW if adjusting the tension on the current amount of springs on the guitar isn't enough. You can simply remove one of the springs (usually there will be 3 and the minimum you should have on the bridge is 2!) Hope that helped, Also a picture of your spring cavity will help coz I know there are loads of Ibanez bridges out there so understanding what we are working with would help alot!