Hello all,

The other day I practiced some songs (covers) with my friends (other guitarist and drummer). I was really not good compared to when I play in my bedroom.

In my bedroom I play with my 2.1 sound system loud enough for me to hear the song while I'm playing. I have the perfect EQ settings on my OD pedal and on my AMP, so that the volume of my guitar is just slightly louder than the recording, it's perfect and it's a real pleasure.

But with the band I find it really hard to dial the EQ to make the sound good a loud volume. And when I play with a bad sound, I don't play well at all! It's so frustrating!

Amp is a Fender Blues Jr and before you ask, YES I have read about EQ settings (more mids in a band etc). But still, It's just HORRIBLE! So muddy, so messy, especially on clean with my LP it's disgusting Can't hear the notes clearly or anything...

Do you have any insights in this ?

Merry christmas to you all
Some of it might be stage fright( I get so timid playing with my friends) Where are you playing? It may be where you play as well. Also what does the other guitarist have in the amp department?
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It's not the first time I play with my friends!
The other amp is a horrible FM212R and the guy doesn't know how to use it (the amp)...
Hmmm not sure what to tell you bro, keep tweaking and hopefully youll find the sound you want with your friends
You never know what temporal days may bring, laugh, love,live free and sing, when life is in discord, praise ye the Lord-Anberlin

Science is crazy!
The room itself and the other instruments may be as responsible as you are. Is the room you practice in much bigger than your bedroom? Are the walls different? Is it in a basement? All of these things can affect the sound of your guitar. Also, half of the issue isn't even EQ, it's volume. Almost every band I've ever been in, the other guitarists and bassists have never had the concept of turning their guitars down. I know, you're probably young and wanna rock out with your amp cranked to 11, but you might find that if everyone in the band lowered their volume a touch (just enough to be heard over the drummer, most bands I know try to drown out the drummer), it would be a lot easier to set your EQ and tone to a much better sound.

I hope this helped a bit!
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This helped a lot, thank you very much.
I indeed often try to turn the guitar down but I should give it a better try.

The room is bigger than my bedroom, the walls are the same, but there is much more open space.

Though as you say, the EQ may not be the most important thing, I have a question about the mids. Is it a rule than when you play in a band you must have the mids at least past halfway ?
I would recommend reducing the amount of gain/output on the pedal & increase the bass & mids on the amp. I always find it helps when playing at higher volumes - especially in practice rooms.
Hey Alan.

Playing in your bedroom and in rehearsals are 2 totally different beasts altogher when it comes to achieving a good tone. Your bedroom settings just aint gonna fly when you have to compete with the rest of the instruments. Whenever im struggling to get a nice tone from existing or a new piece of gear be it amp, fx unit etc i normally head down to the practice room on my own for a few hours and tinker about with it unitl i find somthing that will be in the ballpark at higher volumes.
Its might also be where you are standing next to your amp and where your amp is positioned in the room. If i were you i'd play around with your positioning and the acoustics of the room in relation to your amp cause it makes a huge difference, a lot more than people think.
Thanks everyone for answering

I always put my amp on a chair, beside the drumer like this:

But I always have trouble with the mids!

For example when I want to play a few chords, on clean, the tone is really "weird". The notes are too big, too messy, it's really terrible! It's a pain to listen to it. It's not precise enough...
Have you tried playing in the band practice location without the band playing? If not, work with it that way to get it dialed in. Do you ever play at home without the song playing through your stereo? If not, then you aren't really hearing your guitar and amp IMHO. Start out as simple as possible, no pedals - just you and your guitar.