Hello everone,

I would like to buy a Visual Sound One Spot to use my pedals (a tuner, jekyll&hyde, mxr micro amp).
I read some things about pedals buzzing because of the One Spot not being isolated. Would this be the case with my pedals?

I am looking for an affordable way to use my pedals (I can't afford a fual tank etc).


thomann does what appears to be a clone of the fuel tank junior, and it claims it's isolated. My first one was faulty, but the second one works.

musicstore cologne does what appears to be a clone of the voodoo labs pedal power. i haven't tried it.

both should be around your budget. if isolated is important (and also bear in mind that those cheaper ones might not be made as well).
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The OneSpot may or may not hum. I get a very negligible amount (not detectable by microphone, really, unless you're balls out on volume) with mine.
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ive heard of some buzzing but mine never has, and ive had it since last summer
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ive got one ,it all depends what you have in your room and what is running at the time you are useing it ,if you do get a hum out of it start looking and turning things and you will find your what is making it humm.
I got no problems with it
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I have one and power about 5 or so devices and I don't have any hum at all. Great little device.
I power 5-6 pedals with mine. Never hums even a little bit.
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Thanks for you answers!

But isn't a booster pedal the kind of pedal that will hum, because of the volume ?
I never had hum when I used one.
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I use one to power 4 pedals and i do get some hum when i'm at higher volumes on my amp, but I have two TV's a computer and a bunch of other shit plugged in all around my playing area (theres 2 separate power strips from one outlet) so that probably has something to do with it.
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