I've got a double humbucker tele and I'm trying to get a good early Led Zeppelin/Jimmy Page tone.

I've got about 300-500 to spend on an amp and want something in the Page mold in terms of tone.

A few ones I've thought about but don't know if they're capable of delivering what I want...

-Fender Blues Junior
-Fender Superchamp
-Peavey Classic 30 or 50
-Peavey Windsor
-Vox AD50VT

Any help is appreciated.
Marshall Class 5! Crank it all the way and it's loud as crap. Mess with your guitar volume pot for the cleaner stuff. Also you can invest in a wah pedal and leave it half-cocked (again, gotta mess with it) for some of those raunchy, super-bright solos like Whole Lotta Love and Comm Breakdown. But yeah, perfect early Zep on a budget.

Another good choice is the Vox AC15C1...the cleans IMO are a little too bright maybe for sounding like Page but the drive can pull off a pretty convincing version of the "How The West Was Won" live crunch tone.
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How early? If you want LZI tones you could get a tonebender MKI/MKII clone for around 100usd and then a clean amp. As for going with amp only i doubt you will get there, most of Page's tones are studio magic with loads of amps mulitracking and all. For all i know the Black Dog tone is a recording module breaking up at the guitars input signal or something.

out of those amps i'd prefer the Blues JR and a tonebender. should get you LZI and Yardbirds sounds
Classic 30 would do it pretty well. If clean headroom isn't a concern, take a look at a Marshall Class 5. Pretty sweet little amp that will definitely nail the early 70's rock sound
The Classic 30, 50, Windsor, or Blues Junior would all do fine for your purpose. I'd also take a look at the Vox Night Train or AC15, Marshall Class 5, DSLs, the Studio 15 (if you can find one), and any and all amps made by Traynor.

You're not going to get Page's tone by any means, but you'll be reasonably within the classic rock area with any of these amps.
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Marshall Class 5 will get you in the ballpark. An 18W clone will get you closer.
Those early recordings were not done on a Marshall however, they were done on a Supro or some other Valco amp. Nobody really knows which ones exactly. It seems pretty clear that not even Jimmy knows. He owned about 50 Valco amps and used different ones at different times.
However, they were all non-master volume amps so most of the distortion came from the power amp. When he played live those little Valcos were of no use so he used big non-MV Marshalls. The tone is rather similar.
This is why I say an 18W'er. Plug in, turn it up and play. You'll never find a decent Supro without breaking the bank but an 18W'er will get you close enough that you won't care.
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gearmandude use's one for some of his pedal demos
not many other amps are gonna come close to the Concord's quality in your price range
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Thanks guys. Do you think a Classic 30 would be loud enough to play in small restaurants/clubs?
Indeed it would. Just mic it.
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Absolutely, if you're gonna be gigging the classic 30 would be a great choice.

^Probably wouldn't even need to be miced for small venues like that, but it wouldn't hurt
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The size of the venue doesn't matter. The question is, "will it keep up with a drummer?" It will. For really nice cleans you might have to mike it up and feed a bit of sound back to you through the monitors but you'll probably get away with just monitoring directly off your amp. The rest of the band may want a bit through foldback but you'll probably be fine standing right in front of it.
It's your onstage mix that you have to think about - front of house is the job of the PA. You should always mike up your amp otherwise the sound guy can't add any guitar to the FOH mix. Even if he doesn't need to do it you have to give him the option to if he does need to.
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