Hi UG, I'm in need of some help.
Today I bought a very good Gibson Les Paul replica from my cousin. Unfortunately, when I had it all tuned and ready to go, when I plugged it into the amp, all I got was a loud distorted noise, even when I turned the gain off.
My father, an electrician, had a look at it, and soldered a few loose connections, in the pick-up switch, but still no luck.
Am I missing some sort of common problem, does anyone know what it is and how to fix it, or should I send it in for repair?
(Also, the amplifier and cables are fine)
Thank you for your time
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When you plug in, can you hear the guitar at all or is just buzz? If it's just buzz, it sounds like it could be a wiring problem. Probably a lose connection at the input jack. Have your dad take a look at the input jack to make sure everything is soldered correctly.
remove the output jack.

Make sure both wires are still connected.

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