This probably looks like an advertisement, but it's really not. Just something I found out about and thought I'd pass it along. A buddy of mine turned me onto it and now I'm hooked!

There's a local group called the NW Rockstar League . It's basically a way to get musicians together to play -- sort of like a battle of the bands scenario. From their website:
The Northwest Rockstar League allows musicians of all ages to get out of their garages and play real music, with real bands, for real crowds. Bands are formed just as city league sports teams are formed. They practice and prepare a set of songs for performance. They then play their set in front of judges and fans during each season to play with other league bands at participating live music venues around the great Seattle/Tacoma area.
So basically, if you're an individual musician or have an established band you can join the NW Rockstar League and "compete/participate". I've seen 3 bands so far and they've all been good.

They also have another program called, "Build-A-Band ". Again, from their website:
Everyone is welcome to participate at the Build-A-Band events. These are like open mic/jam nights and live band karaoke mixed into one. We have a list of songs (below) which you can sign up to perform. Just put your name under the instrument you want to play for that song. On the night of the event, you and the others who signed up to play and sing will perform that song with the band that was built. We have musicians that can fill in if not all spots are taken, and you can also show up that night and sign up to sing or play (but it’s best to sign up ahead of time to ensure a spot.) If you’re in a band and want to rehearse, why not sign yourselves up to play a few songs? This is a really fun event that lets you meet other musicians.
Last night was the first time I saw Build-A-Band in action and it was a hoot! Every Wednesday night they have the stage in a local sports bar (goes along with the "League" theme) and all sorts of people were able to play. If someone didn't know a song, another could fill in on various instruments. Some people were completely new to performing, others were in full-time gigging bands.

If you live in the area this might be something fun to come to. I know there's not a ton of Seattle/Tacoma people here, but maybe you know someone that could benefit from this or just wants to have fun. If you decide to come out, let me know -- would love to meet you!

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