I bought this Dean Mlx back in '07, the first guitar I bought myself. I played the hell out of it every single day and it took some pretty heavy abuse. As my playing improved, so did my ear and I soon realized that the stock Zebra pups just weren't cutting it anymore.

Stock Dean Mlx (not my exact one, I didn't have a good picture of mine)

Initially I planned on just replacing the pups, but I got curious as I was disassembling the guitar. So much so that I took it apart down to the last nut and bolt.

I figured what the hell? Since I've got the body separate why don't I do something cool to it? It was pretty beat up anyway and there were chips that needed filler so I went ahead and did that before I laid down a couple of white base coats.

After drawing up a million and one designs I decided what better way to paint the guitar than to improvise? Sounds sketchy I know. Bare with me..

I bought a bunch of acrylic paint and mixed it with water. (It gets stranger) I then proceeded to suck the paint up a straw and blow it onto the guitar. (I did ingest some paint.. So what, I lived.)

After a bunch of clear coats it was ready for the new pups. I ended up going with Gibson 57's from a Goldtop a friend of mine sold to me. Just had some soldering and she was finished!

This is how it turned out:

What do you think of 'The Psychedelic Pizza' UG?

EDIT: I finished this over a year ago and never took pictures. It also spent almost 2 years completely in pieces because we had a house fire during the time this was all going on. The fact that all the pieces survived makes it that much cooler!
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I think it looks pretty awesome. Well done.
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Glad you all like it, thanks everyone!

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speaking of fire, I've got a les paul build planned out, and i decided i'm gonna get a torch and literally flame the wood lightly, until it's got a nice char on it, then i'm just gonna shoot the clear. The idea is a guitar that looks like it's been through hell and back

This sounds like a killer idea man! Looking forward to seeing that !

I'm all for unconventional finishes. I was initially thinking about tying the body of this thing to the bumper of a car and dragging it around on the road to beat the hell out of it but I think that's an idea for a more expendable guitar haha.