Hi guys,

I have a problem where it's extremely uncomfortable to keep my thumb behind the neck past the 10th fret unless I sit the guitar pretty much vertical (ala Slash) which I don't particularly like doing. I've been playing for several years but the last few year I haven't been able to play much for several reasons but anyway I'm trying to get back into and particularly start playing standing up as I will be jamming with a mate soon and would rather stand as you could imagine.

But I've noticed I find it extremely uncomfortable to keep my thumb behind the neck (rather than thumb over the top which feels fine) after the 10th fret as it causes a lot of bend in my wrist whether I'm sitting normally or standing (unless the guitar is literally hanging around my neck). For example, barring across the 12th fret is extremely uncomfortable. It just feels like my wrist can't quite do it being so close to my body. The only solution I have sitting is playing in a classical position which helps a bit. But I have just noticed I don't have the problem as much with an acoustic guitar as the body of the guitar pushes the neck further away from my body and my wrist doesn't feel so cramped.

It feels a lot easier with my thumb over the neck but maybe that's because I'm used to playing or maybe it's just something my body can't do as my thumb joint is a bit weird anyway. I do have rather small hands for my size, but can't see this making much of a difference as my strap isn't low when standing. Anyone else suffer with similar problems?

I can provide pictures if needed to show how my hand/thumb etc. looks when I'm higher up the fretboard.
Pictures would be nice.
All I can say is that you could set the strap a bit higher, and try to find a way of playing comfortably by fooling around. Maybe it's just a matter of getting used to it.
I'll try and get some pictures up soon. It's a bit concerning as my wrists aches whenever I play at the moment.
Tilt the neck up.
Some guitars make it really hard though.
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Tilt the neck up.
Some guitars make it really hard though.

this tbh, it will still feel strange to play low notes on high frets but you get used to it