As title says am I looking for the tabs for this pianosolo in the middle of Clubbed to death by rob dougan.

I've made a piece of the start wich I feel is accurate with the soundtrack and would like some1 to help me completing the solo. Been stuck on this tab forever : (

The deep tones should be hold as long as possible and there's a few chords u can use for each step, but I don't know their names so maybe you can see it by my tabs in the imagefile.

Link to soundtrack on youtube Clubbed to death
Solo from 1:31 to 2:03

Questions or direct contact add me on msn; soad_css@hotmail.com
nobody that can help me? I've been searching for this tab for this song for so long
Hey, I've figured it out, and I believe it to be 100% correct, but it might be slightly off I suppose. Anyway, I've written it out into a GP file. Can you open GP files?