Hey there my fellow pit apes,

I was just playing a little bit on my acoustic when all of a sudden my left hand middle fingertip started to hurt like all hell, seriously sharp pain. Kind of like having a splinter on it.

It's happened before but it never stayed for this long, now even when I touch the keyboard it hurts like ****. Anyone have something similar to this before? Is it fixable or permanent?
By the tiny little bit of information you provided, I can definitely say it's permanent.
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You probably damaged a nerve or something underneath your skin. Give it a day to see if it gets any better and if it doesn't then go to a doctor to get it checked out.
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Doctor. Go to one.

I am tomorrow, but I want a little more info cause this is seriously scaring me.

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Yeah, what was I thinking playing that guitar
Massage it lightly. Try flexing each joint in every direction to see which one hurts and in which direction in hurts. I would get that when I would do certain chords and fingers would sort of fall on an angle, in other words the pressure I was applying wasn't going straight down the finger but on an angle, putting more pressure on a diagonal angle on certain joints.

I would sort of massage my joints and use my other hand to sort of twist or flex my finger perfectly straight and hold it for a little while. But obviously it's better to perfect how your finger your chords, ZE CLAMP!! NOT ZE CLAW!!
Or just cut off your finger, it could be useless now so you can probably make a few bucks selling it on the street.
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It's happened to me once. It went away after about a week. Almost a year has passed since and it never came back or anything.
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Maybe you should ask someoen who is trained in this? Like a doctor? Ya know those kinds of people who get paid for it >_>.
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Yeah, what was I thinking playing that guitar

i think he was referring to the fact that you're asking the pit for medical advice.
I get that sometimes. I think it's a tiny metal splinter from the string.
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By the tiny little bit of information you provided, I can definitely say it's permanent.

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Breaking the callous? If I don't play for a while, then pick up the guitar again (especially acoustic, with that amount of string tension and height) the hard skin breaks and flakes away, and you end up playing on the raw skin underneath which will sting like a bitch for a while.
well i called a doctor cause my entire ledft hand felt tingly, so i got some meds for that (just painkillers) and if it persists i should visit him again.

but thanks for the help pit, i'm sure aids and me being a pussy were his next two ideas too.
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Breaking the callous?

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I few weeks ago my left hand (strumming hand) felt all tingly, like pins and needles. And then it started hurting like hell. I just didn't play for about a week or two and it went away.

Hasn't hurt since.

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