I am going to be making a purchase sometime in the next two months and I am having trouble between two choices. I will either be purchasing an RG1451 and putting DiMarzio Breeds in the bridge and neck, or I will be purchasing a Carvin TLB60 and putting some DiMarzio Breeds in it. When it all fleshes out, the Carvin will end up being about $100 more expensive. The Carvin will be with 14" radius, phase switch, but otherwise pretty much standard features.

I play mostly overdriven blues and early thrash metal for pleasure, but I may or may not be performing in the near future with a classic rock cover band doing things like some old Led Zep, Guns N Roses, Santana, Eagles, Cream, etc. I have a G&L S500 that I basically use for all of my strat/single coil sounds and whichever guitar I get will pretty much have to cover the rest of the ground. My current amps are a Peavey Transtube 212 EFX and a Blackheart Little Giant (with BitMo Triple Bypass), but my amps change so often it is almost irrelevent. Probably by the time I get this guitar I will be playing through a Blackheart Handsome Devil and a larger Vox Valvetronix combo. I have settled on DiMarzio Breeds so those aren't going to change.

Just wanted to know, for what I'm trying to accomplish, what would you suggest? Having a little trouble making up my mind, mainly because I love the Ibanez Wizard necks, but I love everything else about the Carvin.