I know is a strange question, but I was asking to myself which song should I play now that I've learned some songs I always wanted to learn; and the song's I want to play, are too hard to play.
What do you usually do in that situation?
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A 12 bar blues, or randomly play until I get something good.
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set the goal, find whats so hard about the songs I want to learn, practice that part until I find it comfortable to do, and then learn the song.

A big part to always having something interesting and fun to play is to constantly be learning and getting better. Well, thats at least how I think of the situation whenever I find myself in it.
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practice practice and a few more hours of practice. practice it slower then it really is, over and over again, and slowly speed it up until you're up to speed, then keep practicing, you'll never learn those hard songs until you dedicate the time to practice.
I just listen to music and I usually find something that sounds fun to play so i go for it. Either that or I make my own stuff up as I go.
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play some symphony x
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I played them anyway. That's how I improved.
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Either learn the hard song anyway, or just use the random tab option on UG if I'm in a lazy mood.
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I actually write down songs I can play, so I can play them when I feel like jamming with the music.
If the song I want to play isn't something I already know, I learn it. If it's too technically challenging, I use that song as a means of improving my technique by learning it. If it uses a technique I don't already know, I begin learning that technique so that I can play the song.

Essentially, if a song's too hard for me to learn right away, I start learning it anyway because if it's a challenge, it's a good learning opportunity.