This is song I've been writing for a while. I'm rather new to songwriting, so I'm looking for tips. Right now I've just been carrying a little notepad everywhere I go and writing when something hits me. Let me know what you think! I'll return the favor!



Why pluck just one string when you can...

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Writing as I listen:
Nice, you've got a really good voice and a pretty original style of singing. The song reminded me alot of 'The Scientist' by Coldplay, which is a pretty big compliment as far as I'm concerned. I liked the lyrics, soulful and again pretty original. The guitar part was good, not the kind of thing I would play myself but that's no bad thing at all. It would really benefit from better recording quality, although given that it's a camera I've heard much worse. A mid section of some kind might add a nice contrast to the song, maybe something a little darker? I'm just throwing ideas around, I may be totally wrong. In general, I really liked it, a great song and I'll give you a sub cos 'd like to hear more and I'm just nice like that
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