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Okay: this thread is for regular members of UG who have Bandcamps (or Soundcloud) and want some publicity, and furthermore for those who wish to see what the community is producing! Just post in here, and it'll be edited into the OP. I'll also be adding with any I come across in the forums.

My hope is that we can amass a collection of UG work (including collaborations such as the UG Post Rock albums or UG Community: Acoustic Covers) to represent what we have achieved as both individuals and also as a collective.


Artist Name
Genre(s) and, optionally, influences in brackets
Bandcamp link
Insert an
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A collection of all regular users work, (mostly) free to download.

Daydream Anatomy (stratkat)

Atopia (Afroboy267)
Melodic Death Metal

Martian Sawdust (ali.guitarkid7)

Lord Ov Waffles (theogonia777)

Eritherium (AfroVic)
Progressive Metal

Birth of Flower (neidnarb11890)
Punk (Influenced by Beefheart)

N. Moss (RPGoof)
Progressive Metal

Waldosia (Das_Skittles)
Post Metal

Dillon J. Hassler (Reisgar42)

The Cromwells (fender696)
Alternative Rock

Defeatist (btones)

Jason Boden (strat0blaster)
Lots of stuff, but it's mostly relaxed and chill, innit. (acoustic and piano stuff)

Marco Normal (necrosis1193)
Rock. Lots of synths.

Find X, Then Party (duncang)
Math Rock/Post Rock/Indie/Whatever

The Imaginary Lines (Abacus11)
Alternative/Shoegaze/Dream Pop

Jesse Carpenter (jrcsgtpeppers)

No Skids Daddy (IommiPage)

Vendetta V (Vendetta V)

Saintly Rows (Blake1221)
Alternative/Pop Punk

bansheebeat (TheReverend724)

Willowen (Willowenuk)

Warphole Reactor (MistmanX)
Electronic, computer generated

Landforge (entity0009)
Post Rock/Metal

Escher (MustangMan331, GodOfCheesecake)
Progressive Metal

Orion (mr7string)
Ambient Progressive Metal

Aberrant Corollary (hriday_hazarika)
Ambient/Trip-Hop/Experimental Electronic.

Giant Theory (mental_zer0)
First album
Second Album

WillTucker (WillT08)
Post Rock and Electronic/House

Collective Surrender (FireHawk)

Al Milano
Instrumental Hiphop/Trip Hop

Kinetic Stability (creeping.death!)
Instrumental Electronic/Prog Rock

Lipstick Lesbian (toyboxmonster)
Dream Pop/Post Rock

Renbot (Mathamology)
Alternative Rock

Ambient, Electonica (Flaming Lips, Postal Services)

The Rotten Burrows (Reily)

Deranged Youth (FrauVfromPoB)
Schwa (FrauVfromPoB)

Best Kept Secret (rockfan7)
Alternative/Experimental/Jazz/Post-rock [Radiohead, Mr. Bungle, Death Cab For Cutie]

Lascaille's Shroud (The Uncreator)
Progressive Death Metal

Systematic Robbery (Stuntman133)

Secondhand Habit (Jay3000)

Left To The Wolves
Deathmetal/Metalcore (All Shall Perish,The Black Dahlia Murder,Carnifex,Dying Fetus)

Across Oceans
Acoustic Pop/Alternative/Experimental
(Paramore, Incubus, The Swell Season)

various stuff, released some metal last year, some post-rock this month:

Nuclear Torment

Thrash/Progressive/Heavy Metal


Artist Name: Neptunes Explode
Genre(s): Post Rock inspired Progressive Instrumental Indie
Bandcamp link:

Natural Satellites
Genre: Alternative Rock, Progressive Rock (Rush, Porcupine Tree, Yes, Pink Floyd, Stone Temple Pilots, Radiohead)

Putrefactive Disease


Genres - Alternative rock, indie pop, post-rock

8-bit Chiptune

In July, the Republic Fell
Post-rock and heavy metal combined.

Calais - free download on our new EP
Half progressive rock, modern rock
If you like your music heavy, check it out


Tom Johnstone
Rock/pop, for fans of The Gaslight Anthem/Paramore/Green Day (featuring female vocals)

The Portrait
Hardcore punk

Sunrise Moonshine
If you like the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jimi Hendrix, The Minutemen or rock or funk or punk or blues then maybe you can get into some of this.
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My EP from the February Challenge: "It's Official".

Right here.

Wait just read the list, I'm already on there? I'm honored
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^ Indeed you are! If you post on UG, your bandcamp is on here why did i spend so much time doing this?
they're coming to take me away
You can download my 2010 album here, I got quite a positive feedback from these forums about it:

Al Milano
Instrumental Hiphop/Trip Hop
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please check out my own album:
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^ Indeed you are! If you post on UG, your bandcamp is on here why did i spend so much time doing this?

I don't know, but I thank you for it. I forgot to download Necrosis's album during the challenge and couldn't find it again.
Quote by Joshua Garcia
my chemical romance are a bunch of homos making love to a mic and you like that cuz your a huge gay wad. You should feel pathetic for being such a gaywad you gay mcr loving gaywad olllol.
I come onto Promote Your Band a lot, and do my best to give honest, helpful reviews. And I always C4C. It would be cool to have my Soundcloud added to this list:

Schwa - Melodeath/Experimental:
Waldosia Post metal/Drone

This thread is a brilliant idea. *Acquires all teh Ugers muzix*

(Late)EDIT: Oh you already had me. Hells yeah

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My Band Youtube Channel
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Good idea for a thread. I'll contribute my Soundcloud page I guess. It's mostly just a bunch of song from my various bands that don't have enough material to justify making their own individual pages or anything like that, and some other weird stuff, so it's not necessarily a specific genre.

Lord Ov Waffles
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#22 Our first EP is free right now and we should have a new album done and up there within a month
I've been working on 'Chords' for my tunes for the new version of the Air Conditioners that I am putting together for my 4/13/2012 Bike Against MS gig here in STL.

I just submitted it to the Indie band DB here.

Kinda exciting and another way to get your name/music out there.

Here's my submission if any1 cares to play along - my link at bottom

Damn It, Elvis (Why did you have to GO?)
Written by Thomas William 2012 © 52media Music

(chorus 1)
D A F# G
Damn it Elvis why did you have to go?
D A Bm G
We were waiting for your final show
D A F# G
We got our stubs but we can't get in...can't go see a dead king
D A Bm G
Damn it Elvis why did you have to go?

(Verse 1)
Em A
Everybody is slaphappy
Em A
Everybody is cursing at you

(Chorus 2)
D A F# G
Damn it, Elvis why did you have to go and leave us waiting
D A Bm G
We were waiting for your last your last and final showing
D A F# G
We bought our tickets from a scalper Now you've gone and screwed us further
D A Bm G
Damn it Elvis why did you have to go?

(Verse 2)
Em A
Everybody is fuming
Em A
Everybody just want to exhume you

For the show
We want our show
We won't take no...
We want our show

(Drop chorus chord progression down 2 steps for the rest of the song)

(Chorus 3)
E B G#m A

E B C#m A


C#m B A B C#m BA
Why'd you have to go why'd you have to go why'd you have to go?


Submitted by the songwriter: Thomas William (
Song available to play-along/stream at

Thanks Ult-Guit!!! you all rule!!!