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3 track EP released July 10 2015
Style: Progressive Black/rock/whatever metal

Members: Maletoth- guitars and bass
Kobold- Keys
Doedsadmiral - vocals
AK-47 - Drums and arrangements
(All names made up for this project. Individuals involved is also known from other bands and projects.)

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The Wolf and the Weather
Alternative (Smashing Pumpkins, Sonic Youth, PJ Harvey)

Just released our second self-produced EP, free to download from Bandcamp.

My Indie Rock band

FFO: RHCP, Don Broco, Biffy Clyro, The Kooks
A Titan, A Deity

PRS P245 Semi Hollow
Suhr Modern Guthrie Spec
Mayones Regius 7 Buckeye Burl
LSL CVS Studio Strat
Fender American Standard Tele
Faith Hi Gloss Venus

Mesa Lonestar Special
Mesa Mark V:25
Zilla 2x12 Fatboy
Line 6 PodHD500
Wampler, Keeley, Strymon, TC, Xotic, Chase Bliss Audio Pedals
Everstorm's Eve: "Watch the Stars"

Piano/electronic/indie (influenced by Death Cab for Cutie, Ben Folds, A Perfect Circle)

Symphonic metal
EP 'Saviour' released on Bandcamp in October,2016.
Clear strong soprano vocals fused with symphonic metal is a characteristic feature of this EP.

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We have released our EP in September 2016. We are a band from a small island in the Indian Ocean called Mauritius and this is our EP: Proof of Existence

We like to do varied stuff and have various influences, funk, alternative rock. We have only one acoustic song "Wasted" with which we have experimented with a different tuning.

We do regular lives here on the island and this is our youtube video from 2013