Hey all!

I have a Epi LP Custom with Gibson 57 classic and Gibson 57Classic+ .

I like it very much but I also really LOVE the sound of the P94's. I was wondering if I could maybe put one in my Les Paul ? Is that a good idea ? Or is a combination of GIbson 57 and P94 a bad idea ?

If I was to do that, what would be the best ? Keep the 57 Classic or the Classic Plus ?


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i put a bridge p94 in my lp and i really like it. it has a really great beefy but clear sound. BUT, it is much quieter than my neck humbucker even though its closer to the strings and its also much noisier. I will soon be getting new humbuckers and replacinging it with them coz im getting a strat so i will not have any use for the p90 anymore but it sounds really awesome.
Thanks for answering! So you would suggest putting a P94 in the neck, instead of my 57Classic ? Would there be a big difference?
there would be more clarity and itd sound more ballsy and warm but itd be lower output and slightly less versatile.

EDIT: yes, i would suggest putting it in the neck position. Just make sure you get the P94R (neck pickup) rather than P94T (bridge pickup).
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they wont handle stuff like metal/very high distortion as well as a humbucker. otherwise, they can play most style that humbuckers can.
Right well I'm not into that stuff, I'm mostly rock! So the difference is worth the while ?
There will be a noticable difference in sound, whether it's worthwhile is an opinion. I feel that it's worthwhile unless you already have a strat in which case you really don't need it.

But I mainly use the bridge pickup mostly, and the neck only for songs that require a little "synthisizer tone" . Would it sound really bad if I put a P94 in the bridge ?
No it wouldn't but you might come to occasionally miss the higher output of a bridge humbucker. All personal preference though.