i hope you realise that nearly everyone on this forum has been playing the guitar as an addiction for a while now and they know how to tune their guitars.
I agree with ita . We're addicts, we can tune guitars with our FEET! Well maybe not our feet, but still. You get the point. Reported though K?
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Am I old enough to wear this fist in school?
hmm... my feet? maybe i should check out that link. i cant tune with my toes..... besides, i love spam ! anyone got any ketchup?
When my guitar goes out of tune I just buy another one. No links for me.
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hmm.. and i thought i was the idiot for buying too many ! at least i wait til the strings need replacing.
Uh, ok, sorry. I guess everyone already knows every tuning out there. I suppose no one every refers to an online chord dictionary either. I feel dumb. I should have memorized all this stuff years ago. It's a freaking resource you tards! Much like this one... I fell real welcome here. Thanks guys... Thanks...