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The only pedals I have right now are a Boss MD-2 and a crybaby wah. I'm looking to ditch the distortion pedal and replace it with an overdrive, the distortion pedal seems to work okay enough for solos, but definitely doesn't have the tone I want for rhythm parts. I play in a band that covers bands such as Grateful Dead, Phish, moe., Bob Marley, etc. I play on a strat plus through an orange amp if that makes a difference. I don't really have a set budget in mind and I don't have a problem buying used pedals. Please let me know of any suggestions of what you think would be best for that style, please let me know. Thanks, also I apologize if my english isn't that great it's not my first language.
Two words: Klon Centaur.
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Based from what I know of the bands listed a low gain overdrive would do the trick. Maybe a Barber LTD or something that can get a little edge like a DMB Cosmic Crunch.
My personal favorite is the GT-OD. Out of all the overdrives I've been able to play, it's been my favorite.
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