Hi guys, sacguitar's here.

Well, I'm quite exciting with my new guitar and my pedals, but now I'm looking for a pedal to rock out with solos. I've tried out with the MT-2 and DS-1 from Boss/Roland, but I'm not completely "pleasure" using them in solos with tapping and shredding techniques. So, guys, with kind of pedals (hope not so expensive lol) would you recommend or use to rock out with your solos?
Quote by Seanthesheep
The pedal thats connected to my amp that switches it to OVER 9000! Mode

Aka a tubescreamer. Or in other cases, the amps footswitch

Umm, what about the Ibanez TS9DX Turbo Tubescreamer?
Rocking out, tapping and shredding are all techniques People use all kinds of effects for solos. You need to be more descriptive about what sort of tone you are looking for. Also, we'll need your amp and guitar info.