First mix I spose. First mix on my laptop anyway - with unfamiliar plugins am yet to run through even good speakers yet either.
Hopefully would make my live set. Generally quite happy with it, some catchy hooks and really quite simple to play.
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no offence but tis very "meh" nothing special over the majority of similar sounding songs hundreds of people produce, nothing memberable. Sure its a nice song but i dont remember any of it and its instantly forgettable.
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i have to agree with moose1512 it is very average and meh. i am pretty sure i have heard this song by atleast 5 other bands in the last 5 years, sorry it just isnt my thing but all the instruments sound really tight and the vocals are not bad it is just very cliched and been done before in my personal opinion, but as with all opinions all that matters is that you enjoy doing what you are doing so keep up the good work
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I thought it was quite catchy. Loved the vocals, the instrumentation, i wasn't crazy about. I thought the drums were a bit too loud in the mix, and i wasn't crazy about the kick work. What are you using for vocal recording, it sounds fantastic!
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