But, here I am, and I love this thing

It's an epiphone masterbilt AJ-500

Solid spruce top, solid mahogany sides and back. Every little thing about this guitar is against everything i thought was true about epiphones. even the OHSC is better quality than i've ever seen. It's like they hired high expectations asian father to do quality control over in qingdao or something. it feels and sounds amazing. visually it's fairly plain, and to make that even plainer the original owner removed the pick guard, but that's no big deal. I'm gonna go look for a nice new one tomorrow.

here are some pictures. i bought new strings for it so i'm gonna throw them on and i'll make a quick demo of how it sounds

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nice guitar ! you should be askin' santy claws for some new socks tho. they dont match the case. seriously tho, happy new guitar day to you ! gotta pop a vid up someday wo we can hear it too. epi's are nice.
I love the finish. How does it feel?
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I played one in Sam ash last week. I liked it and considered getting it but I have to try out a few more guitars. Also I've never been a fan of Epiphone but the MBs seem nice.
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satin finish is cool( on my xmas wish list- as are so many guitars) i have no socks, spent the money on strings so, i envy you . now i gotta go out and try one out, if my credit cards get turned off, i'm blaming you ox !
It feels really nice. Really fast neck, really smooth. none of the frets stick out even a little bit, the tuning pegs feel much more solid than the only other epiphone acoustic i had (when i vowed i'd never buy another one, btw) but i guess that's the difference between their top end model and their low end model.

I was waiting for something to seem....epiphony. but nothing's popped out yet (pun intended). I'm still half expecting something to happen that will explain the low price. less than 600$ for a solid body guitar? that's robbery.

Video is being uploaded - i'll post it when it's done
Thanks...i'm in the process of downsizing and upgrading. there's only 2 there that i plan on keeping, the rest are up for trade on local classified sites

my wife made fun of me for the pick guard i chose but idgaf

hmm.. she don't like your choices in pickguards huh? get a new wife maybe? one that matches your pickguard !