Im looking for an effect (stomp not rack) that makes the guitar sound like its playing through a transistor radio, just that really "tinny", "far away" sound. Does that exist, and if so what is the effect called?

It came about when I was listening to the radio in a friends car and Nickleback came on and it was one of the older songs that made them big, the one where the singer uses that effect on his voice for the verses. I don't care for Nickleback so I don't know what the song is called or anything, but it sounded cool and seems like it could be cool on a guitar.
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Get an EQ pedal, and cut all of the bass and most of the treble.
It's how it was done in Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd

This is a simple easy way to do it, and how most people would do it.

You could also use a Wah pedal, but that's a bit harder...or wire two pickups out of phase to get that sound...but that's just going way out of your way.
i think it's a nickleback only effect.
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what you need is a new amp
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If you have a shitty drive pedal you don't like you can set it so it has no lows and put the highs and level to taste with a slight bit of gain to get it like it has a little bit of static.
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As said before, an EQ pedal will do exactly what you want.
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ibanez made/makes a lofi pedal that does something like that.

It's got the high pass and low pass filters you'd use on an eq and then also has a distortion knob to get some mild break up.

I really like the pedal. If you get tired of using it for guitar, it has a pad switch that will let you use it with a microphone.