You'll be dissapointed.

Save up and then make a smart investment. Otherwise you're just throwing away more money.
Why dontcha wait till after Christmas and see if you get a little more to that budget, and come back later. If you can scrounge around 350 theres a nice 6262 used on guitar center's website.
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A "tubescreamer" is a person paid by a guitarist to stand behind the amp and scream at the tubes. This terrifies the tubes into overdriving and delivers a thick, harmonic-rich tone.
Peavey Vypyr or roland cube 15.
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Peavey Vypyr or roland cube 15.

Definitely not the Roland. Not for death metal. No bottom end at all. In fact no solid state 15 watt amp and few tubes under 50 watts, if any.
yeah your not really gonna get much for $125 so keep saving
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You MIGHT be able to find an Ampeg SS-70 or Crate GX-whatever for that price.

Just save some cash scro
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YES! Welcome to UG!

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I hate my mapz...... Cath is going to build me a KT88 2 Channel Dual Rec with a build in harmonizer though. Just gotta persuade him with mah body is all.
"If you're looking for me,
you better check under the sea,
because that's where you'll find me..."
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MT2 into a broken spider?


Besides recommending saving up, the best "serious" recommendation I can give you is to try to score a used Peavey Vypyr 30.
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