Well I've learned stairway to heaven, behind the screams and a good chunk of classical gas. No offense to classical gas it's fun to play but I just have trouble getting really into it. So I would appreciate some suggestions of down right beautiful fingerpicking songs and possibly some blues and or jazz ones too.
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not sure what your skill level is but as far as beautiful goes i think this takes the cake


great suggestion
I love candyrat I just hope this song isn't in a crazy tuning like most of this guys songs.

also almost all difficulty levels I will accept. If I don't know how to play i'll just practice that much harder.
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Here is a simple arrangement of a jazz standard. The tutorial is in Portugese, but is laid out wonderfully with chord boxes or tabs if prefered, and is easy to follow. Traditionally, Bossa is played on nylon strings, but sounds fine on most steel stringed accoustics, and even better on an all mahogany.
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If you like gaming music, you might want to take a look at gametabs; it's replete of some really good fingerstyle arrangements over there.