I'm looking for an amp to play in the alt indie rock genre. My budget is about 1000. I need something that is capable of pure and beautiful cleans, but also a great overdrive channel (or takes pedals very well). I'd love to get something smaller as I play in a band in college and portability is a concern.
Vox AC15 maybe? Or if you can stretch your budget a little bit, go all the way and get an AC30? Other than that a nice Fender amp would do you perfectly.
if you have a budget of 1000 I'd go for a used AC30 to give yourself a little more headroom
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I've been checking out the ac15 and ac30. Some people seem to think they sound different altogether...the ac30 overdrive is really what I'm looking for. I need to play them side by side and see what I like, but I really like that the ac15 is considerably less expensive and that it's cnsiderably lighter. I have an amp that's about the weight of an ac30 and it's just such a pain to move anywhere.
Fender Deville. Works great for indie. Cross my heart.
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