About a month ago, in an attempt to appease my 1 year old daughter for a couple minutes, I typed "kids songs" into youtube and the first two I played were "the duck song" and "the elephant song"

long story short, it was an instant success and now my god damn daughter is bloody obsessed with both of those songs. I've heard each of them at least 100 times in the last month and it's driving me nuts.

I would much rather play her songs myself because i would like her to start playing the guitar as soon as reasonably possible and want her to understand that music doesn't just come out of the TV (at 7 months old, when she couldn't even walk on her own, she found a guitar pick on the ground, crawled over to a guitar that was leaning up against the couch and started rubbing the guitar pick against the strings, and now she comes over and strums the guitar whenever its within reach)

My only problem is that the type of music i play doesn't seem to catch her attention. But as soon as that bright, repetitive, catchy shit comes on, she's transfixed and starts dancing to it.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to catchy kids songs?
if she watches tv, i would suggest the theme songs of her favorite shows. i spent most of my sons life overseas, now he's 12 and i missed the golden opportunity that now presents itself before you. i got him a samick ASDM to play but he lost interest in it pretty much( a victim of the gaming community.... for now) A7X is pretty much outta the question huh?
You have to learn " The song that never ends" Good luck and Merry Christmas. Cheers