Hey guys
im trying to learn Pride and Joy by SRV and needless to say, for those who know the song, they know that its not really the easiest rhythm to learn (mind you, nothing of SRV's is easy). Im having trouble with the notorious rhythm pattern which a lot of people im sure find tough like me. In the middle of the rhythm pattern, in order to mute, i fret the notes using a flat (vertical) finger rather than the usual curved finger so as to ensure i mute the E,B and G strings on the way up. I hope this makes sense. I just wanted to know if I should continue trying to learn it like this. Any tips to learn this song would be really appreciated. Thanks a lot.
Watch some videos of other people playing the song. Perhaps that will help.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
His rhythm style is very much a Texas Shuffle. As far as the fretting hand muting goes, you'll just have to practice that. However, for the strumming hand, adopt a circular motion, rather than just straight up and down.

You'll find that this increases the amount of time it takes for the pick to travel and drag across the strings, always on an upstroke, when the fretting hand is muting the strings, yielding a vicious shuffle that be the Texas Shuffle.

The time difference between circular and so-called "normal" is albeit very subtle, but it's enough to make a difference. Trust me, it works!
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Try using Tan Pro or Guitar Pro. I know it can be exppensive (at least for Guitar Pro, but if you want you can go to Half Price Books or somewhere similar and get Guitar Pro 5 instead. All it is the last version of Guitar Pro, and there are only a couple of differences. While it may not have all the bells and whistles it still helps. You can just download a version of it and use Speed Trainer to slow it down).

If you can't/don't want to use Tan Pro or Guitar Pro, try to slow down when you practice and gradually increase the speed.I know it may seem like it will yake a while, but it works.

If that doesn't help just look up help videos on the internet.
The most important thing about learning SRV stuff is to keep the pulse going. Learn the notes, play it slow, and never stop tapping your foot. Also, leave the extra licks out until you've got the rhythm down, or they'll just make things harder. There are a bunch of videos up on YouTube, check out the one with him playing on a 12 string, it's useful for picking up that pulse.
Watch him... it's that simple. Live at the El Mocambo. Raw and brilliant. If you watch him, you'll be 3/4's of the way to getting it right.
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Watch him... it's that simple. Live at the El Mocambo. Raw and brilliant. If you watch him, you'll be 3/4's of the way to getting it right.

This +1000 watching him play that song makes you when you see how it's all done. It kind of all clicks into place once you have seen it.