Hi guys,

I'm want to replace the pickups in my les Paul studio and I've heard some really great things about Seymour Duncan humbuckers.

I've been looking at a set of:

Seymour Duncan SH-1n & SH-1b



Seymour Duncan SH-2 Neck, SH-4 JB Bridge


I play Blues Rock, Funk Rock, Alt Rock and a bit of Hard Rock/Metal (when I say metal I mean Steve vai sorta stuff).
Good cleans is a must and It must handle a bluesy crunch aswell. For distortion I'd like it to have a smooth creamy sustain (think For The Love Of God - Steve Vai but less trebly).
It must handle tapping well and MUST be completely hum-free.

Which of the sets would you recommend? And out of curiosity - uncovered or a nickel cover?
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The JB will give you a sharp edgy rock sound. The SH-1 will be more smooth. All around, the SH sounds like a much better choice for you.
Buy whatever dimarzios steve vai uses, they should cover all those nicely
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Duncan Custom 5 in the bridge, Pearly Gates in the neck is what I have in my Epi - don't put the JB anywhere a Les Paul, the 59 set is nice but the Pearly Gates is a more interesting and fun pickup IMO and the Custom 5 will give you a bit more output and crunch that a 59 in the bridge.
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^ +1 on the custom 5 (it's too long since i've tried a pg to remember much about it)

paf pros might be worth a look from dimarzio, too, though they might be too clinical-sounding for the more vintage stuff you play.

don't think it's a great idea to get evos as someone above mentioned... they're too "vai", if you ask me, if you play a wider range of stuff (plus paf pros sound pretty "vai" too while being more versatile).
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Pearly Gates in the neck.

The bridge is a little more tricky. From what you described, a '59 won't work, and stay the hell away from the JB. Don't even go near that.

I guess I'll agree with steven seagull. Custom 5/Pearly Gates set.
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I love the Custom 5 in my Agile Les Paul, sounds great. I have the '59 in the neck position and it's very creamy for lead stuff, but I've thought about giving the Pearly Gates a try as well. Don't think you can go wrong with either, but the Pearly Gates will probably be a bit more versatile.
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