Third piece of the IndyProject. This track took abit longer to make than the other....Christmas kinda got in the way =D


same deal on the drums, they were done by Jim Dooley of NY US of A check out his stuff here:
The Keys on the track are done by my awesome wife Clare. =)
Guitars and bass are all done by me myself and I.
Last 2 tracks had a great run and by far out listened anything I have posted on here before.
So thanks to those who listened.
Pretty cool instrumental piece, kinda wish you used more than one guitar at some points, just to have the counterpoint. The drums are kinda same-y, a little variation in the time keeper should've been in order, especially when it cut over to key-dominated parts of the song just to highlight the difference in feel.

The wah work is pretty nice, as is the tone in general. The bass is nice and upfront, if a bit dull, and the keys sound excellent and aren't out of place. Overall its a pretty solid song.


Nice, I liked it.

The intro kept going long enough for me to start wondering if it was going anywhere, but not long enough for me to lose interest before the tune moved on.

I didn't like the progression at 28 seconds in, but it only lasted a second so it was quickly forgotten.

I also didn't really think the outro section fitted with the rest of it, but I noticed you said it was the third song in a series so I assume that relates to an earlier song.

C4C here, here, or here.
You can do any or all of them, if you do more than one feel free to post a link to anything else you've done for comments.
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