Hi UG Community

We at Faultline have recently recorded one of our songs:


^ Its there

If you have a spare five minutes, please have a listen and tell us what you think, and if you really like it, its available for free download!

Thanks guys!
I actually really enjoyed that. I like metalcore but every time I hear about local metalcore bands I get worried cos there's a lot of bad ones. But that was really well written, and production is pretty awesome too! Your vocalist sounds very good which is where I think a lot of new/small metalcore bands fall short.

All in all, good job

Check us out, we'd really appreciate any feedback or support.

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Thanks for the positive feedback! Means alot to get good replys in the swollen metal scene, and we are very proud of our vocalist. He has great diction which like you say is where many bands fall short. And on top of that, he's a really nice guy. (Its not me by the way!)

Thanks again!
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