So i decided to get a new Audio Interface for the purpose of being able to reamp. I wanted to be able to record guitars direct into the computer and then send that signal to the amp later on and record its output. I chose the M-Audio Fast Track C400 and I am really happy with it. It has two direct inputs on the front but the nice thing about them is they have a -20db buffer. Recording DI was a problem on my Lambda Lexicon due to the High Output EMG 81's distorting the raw signal. The C400 handled this no problems. Another thing i like is the gain level indicators have 8 bars instead of the 4 bars the Lamda had. Higher resolution means i can dial in the Gain better at a quick glance.

There are several other functions but to me my happiest moment was seeing how low I could get the latency on my Windows 7 computer. The lamda i could never get lower than 10ms without it breaking up and that was using the ASIO4ALL drivers. This bad boy came straight out of the box at 2ms!!!!

Anyways, these are rough clips but i just HAD to try out the reamping this morning. I wanted to compare the output of my Peavey Vypyr 75 and my 6505+ Combo. Same exact DI tracks recorded on both amps below. Not really a fair comparison as the 6505+ had an additional Condensor mic but thats the cool thing about this setup. I can re-record the guitar parts without having to rePLAY the parts again!

Also Note the Ibanez TS-9, MXR EQ, and MXR Noise Clamp are less than 2 weeks old themselves so i made sure to play through those on the below clips. Each of the pedals i am in love with. The TS-9 is great in front of both the Vypyr and the 6505+. I dont use the Noise Clamp or the EQ in front of the Vypyr but they are great in the effects loop of the 6505+. The TS9 definately adds a mid boost and a little bit of awesome saurce to the dirt of the 6505+. I had to dial back my gain quite a bit to get the amp to stop feeding back so much. As for the EQ i have it in a ever so slight happy face which just colors the tone a little more on the "metal" side i think. Too much mid scooping and it just starts to sound trebly when recorded. Sounds badd ass when playing alone in the room but not so much when fit into a mix.

Anyways - pictures of all the gear below as well as a couple clips recorded with all of it.

(Yes, i suck at mixing and Im still learning) - Heck, i suck at playing still too but its fun and thats what counts right?

BTW - This is my 1st NGD thread so if i missed something just let me know and i will correct it.

Vypyr 75 Take
Jerry Idea 1_Vypyr.mp3

6505+ Take
Jerry Idea 1_6505 WCon.mp3

Picture 1

Picture 2

6505+ Settings

Pedal Settings
Sounds like a sick setup you have there. Nice gear!
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NHGearD dude.

How do you like the MXR noise clamp?
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I love it, which i could have gotten a GString but for the price of the gstring i got the noise clamp AND the eq.. I use it in the 4 cable X pattern method which actually helps out ALOT. It doesnt quite kill ALL the noise but it does pretty dang good. Personally i think its a little bit faster than the NS-2 and definately doesnt suck as much tone as the NS-2. The ISP Decimator was just crapola in my rig..
Hm. Thanks for the review!

Again, HNGD
Gibson Les Paul Studio
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Mesa F-50
Laney GH50L
Vox AC30 C2
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I wondered why the frisbee was getting bigger, then it hit me.
Thanks guys! - Just redid that song completely over and it was cake with this thing. This interface is pretty awesome!

Anyways, here is a clip of the new recording. That dang tube screamer just makes the feedback! I should have turned the noise gate up a little more. If you listen you will be able to hear the gate closing.