Hi all,

got an ibanez 540 s (1991 model) recently, not sure what the exact type of the trem is, my first locking trem experience, and am quite overwhelmed with the whole set up process.
First of all, the trem doesn't seem to sit at the right angle with respect to the body ie with the knife edge in parallel, so I'm guessing I'll have to adjust the spring tension.
Anyways, the main problem I have is that I hate the action on the guitar at the moment, it is so high! So I was wondering how I adjust the action and if I have to do that before I adjust the spring tension to get the angle right, or the other way round? Also some people tell me that you absolutely have to remove the bridge before you start messing with the height adjustment screws, as you will damage the knife edge otherwise, and some people say it is completely fine to adjust while the bridge is in. Any thoughts on this?
Any help would be much appreciated. Am a bit scared to touch the thing at the moment because people keep telling me about the million ways you can screw things up...
The Edge is a high quality trem. There is nothing wrong with adjusting it under tension. Damage usually occurs on crappy import knock offs, not high quality hardened steel trems. Look at the setup guides at IbanezRules. They are all about Ibanez trems.

i just loosen the strings just in case. I don't think you have to remove it. if the strings are really loose there shouldn't be much tension against the posts anyway (you can feel that they turn freely).

regarding doing the springs or action first... that's kind of a chicken and egg thing. each might affect the other.
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