Disclaimer! I have 0 prior experience with modding guitars and an equivalent amount of knowledge on how to do so.

It seems to me that a problem with HSH-setup guitars is they don't seem to have a dual-bucker option with a standard 5-way selector. If you simply used a 3-way selector which worked between the buckers in the bridge and neck position, would it be possible to hook up the single coil in the middle position to a push/pull knob that could turn it on and off seperate of the 3-way switch? (And if possible, would it be a nightmare?)
In short, yes it is possible (and easy for someone with wiring experience). I'd like to direct you to the Ultimate Guitar Wiring Thread for future reference as all questions regarding guitar and bass wiring should go in there (amp, pedal, etc questions have their own threads). If you read the tutorial posts (first 7 or 8) you can learn a lot about each component and how it works.
A push/pull is just a dpdt switch which happens to be physically attached to a potentiometer so you should consider it to be electrically independent. All you would do would be to wire the guitar to the diagram of 5 way switch and 2 humbuckers, and then wire the middle single coil to the push/pull switch and then to a volume pot (if you want it variable) or straight to the output and the other end to the ground.
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Thanks for the help I will read that guide now, I apolagize for not doing that beforehand!
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