Hey all. I've watched plenty of videos about how to correct fret buzz on an acoustic guitar on YouTube, all of which including the truss rod. Well, can somebody just verify that I'm doing it right?

Basically, I've been just giving the truss rod a counter clock-wise quarter turn, twice a day and then letting the neck adjust. However, after doing this several times over the course of a few days, the fret buzz is exactly as it has been when I started. Also, the truss is starting to get awfully hard to turn, and I don't want to break it. Am I doing it correctly or am I just retarded?

my wife is a hell of a buzz kill, maybe i'll lend her to you.

on a more serious note (not that the above statement wasn't serious) if you're unsure you should probably take it in to a shop...they'll likely fix it on the spot and it won't cost very much. then you can ask them to show you exactly how to do it.
I second the opinion that you take it into a shop. I don't mess with my truss rod, and the problem may be elsewhere (bridge/nut/pin replacement?).

Hand it to someone that knows. If they break it, it's on their dime ;-)


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Alright thanks guys, I'll do just that. Hopefully this guy doesn't Jew me out of too much money...
Also check your own technique. I don't know if you're very advanced (if you are ignore this), but make sure you aren't fretting the string to close to the back end of the fret (the end closer to the headstock).
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