Putrid ****ing slut,
I'll have my vengeance and rip you apart.
Spreading your lies and spreading your legs,
Your not at home til its in a strangers bed.
Filthy ****ing parasite,
My dream is to eradicate your kind.
You disgraceful *****
Maggots crawling from every orifice, and still you want more.
I'll burn your ovaries,
I'll have you lying covered in gore.
I'll leave you alive, but you wont be intact,
your face littered with scars from my blood covered axe.
**** your sincerity,
My sympathy is long lost,
Like your virginity.
Your corroded heart lies beneath the sea,
You'll join it soon with terrifying visions of me.
Just when you think its over,
Your worst nightmares still coming, *****.
I'll drag this scapel all across your face,
I'll sow up that disease infested slit thats below your waist.
Your ravaged and bleeding ****,
I'll hack you apart till my blades are blunt
This earth with rot your shattered corpse
I'll walk away laughing, showing no remorse
**** YOU ****!

So, I know the whole 'slut' thing is a really common topic, but how else do you tell your newly ex girlfriend what a filthy horrible person she is? Feedback would be appreciated since its likely to be a heavily featured song in my bands arsenal.
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Eh, I play in a goregrind band, so I can sympathize with retreading familiar themes. But if you're dead set on not giving a shit whether or not the concept is played out, I'd say redirect your feelings and idea and rewrite the lyrics so they tell a story. When I write death metal lyrics, I tend to think of a concept or in this case, some ridiculous method of murder, and then I think of the concept from a character's perspective. You can focus on the cerebral aspects to make it seem more disturbing, and less cliche.