I know that Matt Bellamy has a Fuzz Factory built into his guitar so he gets some of those sounds from that.
Good technique + knowledge about music theory = expanded sound palette.
You could try to learn about using harmonics, possibly in a more Mattias IA Eklundh way. "Respect the harmonic, they're actual notes."

I advice you to try to get a clean harmonic from the G on the G string (12th fret that is). Use your right hand thumb to mute the thicker strings that you don't want, and the left hand index finger to mute the thinner strings you don't want, and flick the string at the wanted place with your middle finger. Make sure NOT TO MUTE the actual string, just keep it there for the harmonic right after you've smacked the string. Once you've gotten that one down, start experimenting with other strings (might wanna use the pick for the thin E and B string...) to find out where the notes are and so on.



See the above links for more help, and what harmonics are what note on the G string.

Good luck!
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I know that Matt Bellamy has a Fuzz Factory built into his guitar so he gets some of those sounds from that.

A lot of the really crazy sounds that Bellamy gets out if his guitar are a result of the midi controller built in to it that's hooked up to a rack mounted kaoss pad he has. The fuzz helps but that's the more important part if you ask me.
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Honestly, I don't care much about technique and 12 finger tapping. What I want to find out is how can I squeeze weird sounds from the guitar, ie Bellamy/Morello and Reznor.

Reznor has a shitload of analog synths and pedals as well as digital VSTS.
Atticus Ross is also a mastermind behind that..

Robin has like 30 really weird pedals on his pedalboard..

Think the shortest way to get Nin like sounds from your guitar is Guitar Rig and Absynth..
Trent has used those in the past..

He also said that whenever he installed a new VST he would just test around the presets to get an idea and then.. delete them all and build his own from scratch. Trent is such a beast <3
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