Hey, fellow UG users!

I've been considering getting a Boss ME-25 since it offers a lot of sound variety and is in my budget, but one thing has been bothering me a bit and it's that a lot of people say that it isn't very comfortable to use live since switching between presets can be a bit awkward. So, I was wondering is this really was the case and if you can perhaps explain what it's like using with a lot of presets set up.

Thanks in advance!
I have it and I'm very happy with it. A lot of cool effects and good distortions.

I haven't used it live (yet), but I imagine it can be awkward as you say. There's only two switches to switch presets, so if you have various presets that you have to use you can't change between them fast and fluidly. If you want to go from preset 1 to, say, 3, you'll have to go through preset 2. Unless you rearrange the presets to be in a specific order, but even with that you'll have trouble switching presets if you have to use a lot of them.
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Hey, I have had a ME-25 for about a year now. It's a pretty descent pedal although if you're not prepared the switching defenitely can be ackward. My suggestion would be that if you could manage is get the ME-70
Too few switches for live use unless you just select a preset and that's it. The boost (solo) pedal is nice, but it would be better if it could be configured differently. I love the Freeze effect it has.
I had an ME-50 for years. SOme of the delays and chorus sound alright, but it is going to take away all your pick attack and such due to a really, really shitty buffer. The distortions and overdrives suck, the noise gate sucks, reverb is meh at best. The wah is kinda alright, feels solid at least (glares at digitech).

Sold mine for $150 and haven't missed it since.
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For that budget, get the Digitech RP355 (Or even better, a used RP500. I actually saw a RP1000 at a Best Buy as an open box item for $200).
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