Hey everyone, I made another cover last night. This one of mcr's welcome to the black parade. I absolutely love this song so I kinda went nuts with the performance. I know in the beginning the timing is a little off but other than that I believe I did quite well


Nice job! But...

The shirt! :O I want it!

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damn. that was just awesome!! yeah, besides the timing at the beginning, i have nothing but good things to say. you seemed to be really into that!!

you've won yourself not only a like on the video, but a nice comment and a subscriber!

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Hey there
First of all, I would like to say that I only started to listening to MCR some weeks ago. I already have heard of them, but I didn't care much, then I listened to them and really liked, and Welcome to the Black Parade is one of my favorites

So, your playing is really good xD. I like when the people seem to like what they're doing, and you look like you're really enjoying it. The only thing off is the timing at the beginning, and the solo is a bit strange too, but nothing much important, if you play this live with that energy, no one will care anyway

Also, I see you have a cover of Tornado of Souls xD, one of the Megadeth songs that I really enjoy playing. And that solo drives me absolutely nuts xD

Anyway, if you wanna C4C, check my cover of the Farewell Ballad - https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1506737