k i might just be being thick right now, but i'm a little confused by this song.


from what i can tell,

the intro is in 4/4
verse is four measures of 4/7, one of 4/6
chorus is in 4/4 with some syncopation (i think... 3..5...4...4...)
interlude is 4/4

is that correct?
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No, I've never heard this before, but I love radiohead a lot more than I thought i did.

The whole thing is in 4/4, except for the verse, which goes in either: 3 measures of 4/4 and one of 2/4, or: 2 in 4/4 and one in 6/4 (which is the right way to say it, it's the number of beats over the denomination, i.e. 6/4, 6/8, 7/4, 11/16, etc.), but it doesn't matter, just however you wanna count it.

What they do is play in phrases that have odd numbers of beats, like they do phrases of 7 in the chorus and phrases of 3 in the verse or somewhere.

Whatever they do it's AWESOME. Thanks for being confused and increasing Radiohead's listening audience.
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thanks to above poster
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