Hey guys, I have an old classical guitar from my dad laying around the house that I don't really play at all. I am wondering if it is okay to leave the guitar unstrung? The high e string snapped. Should I leave it as is or should I remove all of the strings? I don't have a case for it and since I don't really play it, I don't want to buy strings for it unless it gets damaged from not being strung.
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it will be fine... if you take them all off, then once you do string it the tension in the neck will be high and it will get de-tuned easliy, just leave it, so the tension remains from the other 5 strings, but may i suggest playing it? a good classical guitar can have an amazing sound.
Will not be a problem whatsoever. Even with 0 strings on it.
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at first it might fight with you tension wise and tuning wise, but eventually the Guitar starts working the way its ment to. some people believe leaving the strings off can ruin the neck, but i remove all my strings all the time and i've never had a guitar get screwed over from it. Even a 12 string which has some serious truss rod adjusting going on to counter the massive pull weight, strings off for a month lol...currently works fine stringed up again:P