This is an LTD Deluxe H-1007. Got it in a few days ago from MF for way cheap ($650 compared to $800 normally), and to sum it up in a sentence: Beautiful guitar, wonderful quality, and pearl binding everywhere.

It's got EMG's, which I usually don't like in 6 strings but it seems I really enjoy in 7 strings. Neck is more comfy to me than the Ibanez RG7620 that I had. It's similar in thickness but it's a lot rounder and more of a U than the Ibanez's flattened D. Frets are well dressed, polished, and leveled. The locking tuners hold tune quite well and don't warrant replacement with something better any time soon. It's very light, and the top (which you probably can't tell in my awful pictures) is incredibly figured. Only gripe? I thought the binding was white. Turns out it's pearl.
But that's OK, the sheer quality of the guitar more than makes up for it. It's a keeper.

In addition, I have a clip. http://soundcloud.com/davidfuller-1/7-string-prog-riff

Also, notice the amount of packaging. Double boxing FTW!
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thats a thing of beauty.
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Grats on the 7 string, she's a beaut! I want one.
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Sweet axe man, I was interested in one of these when I was in a brief Nevermore-induced 7-string phase, never did buy one though. I wish they made a guitar like this in a 6-string version, but the abalone is nowhere near as gorgeous as the much more subtle pearl xD
Wow pictures, a review and a clip! Why so few responses ppl??

Happy new guitar day!

Take some outdoor pics in better light.