Thanks! The drums are compressed because I wanted the guitars to come out more. I'll see what I can do though. The synth/keyboard is only at the end, but I agree that it should be louder; I will work on it.

I am listening to your song now and will comment on your thread.
Thanks for the crit man.

Tbh, I can't really say anything bad about the track. I'm not a huge fan of the riff but the production is pretty friggin good. The synth sounds nice where it is, just shimmers overtop of the guitar.
Pretty good job man, nice one a couple things i would work on:

The drums need to be punchier, atm they just sound a little flat. Maybe add some more low end and even a little high end too, the cymbals don't cut through all that well either. You could try adding some slight tube distortion, not enough to actually distort them, but just to bring them out a little more.

Also what are you using for drums? I would recommend trying to find more realistic-sounding cymbals, i don't know if it was on purpose but the cymbals didn't like, 'last very long'. I dunno what the technical term for that is, it just sounds like they're gated or something so much that it sounds like they end too soon.

Anyway they're just petty things, the mix is pretty damn good and your guitar tone is really nice!

Thanks! I use The Metal Foundry SDX for the cymbals and Metal Machine EZX for the rest of the kit. I believe it might be the compression and/or the low volume that is causing it to sound gated. I didn't want the cymbals to drown out the rest of the mix so I lowered the volume, but i'll see what I can do so it comes out more.

I am listening to your clip now and will comment on your thread.
Thanks. It's a temporary recording to improve on my mixing and mastering.

I am listening to your songs now and will comment in your thread.