I've uploaded another one of my old songs to youtube, and like with the others I'd like some feedback!

The song is here - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TDPdhzf0Jec

And if you can't make out the lyrics due to poor recording (been problematic before with my older stuff) they are here -

I got the worn out blues. Ive blown my fuse. Got a couple of screws loose inside my head.
I got bags under my eyes, pink clouds in purple skies. Got a war in my mind that i don’t want to fight.
My shoulders are getting heavy. But i gotta be ready. As the weight of the world is steadily increased.
Got a crowded mind, but i got no time. Im stuck for luck and i couldn’t give a ****

I'd really appreciate your thoughts on this as I'm unsure which direction to go in musically and I want to see what my strenghs are. Also I'm quite fond of this song and I want to see if that's really justified!

Of course I'll happily C4C

and if you like it and want to add me on here or on youtube do so

The song, along with my other old stuff from that time can be downloaded (for free) here: http://themadcap.bandcamp.com/

Thanks for your time!
Nice and mellow stuff, no complaints with the composition. Just keep on going with your flow until you find your own style.

Production wise, the vocals could use some effects like reverb, compression to keep the volume even and both the guitar and vocals could use equalization/filters to improve the overall sound.

Keep it up!