I know nothing of his work.


Kim Jong Iller than you
As savage as the savagest of military coups.
Iller than the villagers in irradiated zones whom
stood in face of fury firing orders from the throne room
the orders for the slaughter come directly from the highest
they wouldnt even see it coming, right to the divinest.
Surprise even the wisest and the best
Keeping cards close to chest
so never try and test

What an absolute dictator
never second guess
and if you question that you'll be fed to a pack of swine,
Self professing omnipitents apocalypse is imminent
dissing dissidents
old mechanical gears in automated ears always listening,
persecuting haters. Crafting fables. Sowing seeds, watching, waiting
Executing the feeble few who foolishly think of emigrating.

Iller than your wildest dreams.
Hop on the wagon while its gathering steam.
Just another cog in a bigger machine,
Roll over for the new regime.
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fvck yeah. gorgeous, crafty, favorite thing I've read in a while
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