Some of it is pretty generic but it does all sound good. I'd suggest working on your snare sound a bit and getting the kick drum to be a bit more defined.
I like it for the most part. It had a nice Parkway Drive vibe to it. The only thing that didn't flow well, in my opinion, was the chugging part between the intro and when the lead comes back in with the pedal tone riff behind it. If you can a find a way to transition between sections a bit better, you'll be off to a nice start.
Let's party.
Thanks for the tips guys, yeah - its a bit too busy in that part. I pretty much suck at writing songs! lol - > Been playing guitar on and off for like 15 years but this will probably be the 2nd or 3rd song i've ever written. Im more interested in learning how to record better sound than actually writing music! - kinda backwards ehh?
Yet ANOTHER mix..


Thanks to the folks in another thread i got some help on the bass track and redid that part as well as re-recorded the guitars just using the SM57 by itself. Im having a heck of a time getting a nice "meaty" giutar tone captured..

Thanks in advance for any help with the mix or advice on the guitar tracking.
I feel that the intro lick repeats a little too long, but that's just my opinion. I think the Chord progression is a bit Linear - Maybe try add in more exciting chords? Like how you go from a Dm to a C, if you chuck in a Bb that would sound good. The harmony in the second and third riffs sound good. The more up beat riff is badass but maybe instead of changing the chords in the backround every time, do an inversion of the riff? The chords afterwards sound good and add something new to the song.

Overall, it is still an enjoyable track to listen to and if this is just an idea, I'm sure you will branch out and make it in to a kick ass song

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