Hello folks,

So, the time has come. I am interested in recording solo material. I have an M-Audio Fast Track interface, KRK KNS-8400 headphones, and have Pro Tools SE (came with my interface). Eventually, I will upgrade to Pro Tools M-Powered. I am interested in recording guitar tracks w/ vocals, using a microphone.

I am prob. going to get a mic within the next few days, but am unsure of what to look for. My rig usually consists of Strat -> Wah -> OD -> Tube Combo Amp. I am looking to mic my amp/ voice/ acoustic guitar. Good tone is a MUST.

1) What is a good mic choice? No more than $300.

2) Is this everything I need to get the job done?

Get a Shure SM57 for the electric and a used Audio Technica AT4040 for vocals/acoustic. Someone's inevitably going to come in here and tell you to get an AT2020 or something similar, the AT4040 is only a bit more on the used market and absolutely destroys it in every way possible.
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Ive def. heard of that Shure mic before. Thanks matrix, I'm scoping it out on GC's site atm.