What's up fellow music heads just wondering if my amp and bass are at least decent I got a squire modified vintage 70s bass and a acoustic b20 just to learn is that straight? Also the action on the bass is super high is that normal? And to adjust I turn the truss rod right to tighten it right? Lol I have no clue thanks
You have a fine beginners set up there. Acoustic amps a good to start out on, and the Squier VMs are some of the most highly regarded basses in their price range.

More importantly, no the truss rod does not adjust your action. The truss rod changes the bow/relief in your neck. There are two small screws on either side of each bridge saddle (adjustable with a small allen wrench) that allow you to raise and lower the saddle height.

I'd suggest you take a look in the FAQ if you have no idea what you're doing.
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The guitars a fine for a beginner but I don't recommend touching the truss rod to fix the action that can screw slot of stuff up instead to lower it instead you should turn the screws on the bridge were the strings are threaded over also if you like the action were it is don't change it
Yep as long as that bass plays nice and sounds nice through that amp of yours, it's fine, to be honest we can't even tell you if it is good, we can hope it is or give opinions we have about that piece of equipment but we will never be able to tell you if you have made the right choice for yourself or not.
About the action, don't worry about it, my bass came with a decently low action but I decided to raise it up because my string were hitting the fretboard when I played. What I say is: experiment, try it with high, try it with low see what you like not what some random on the internet is saying.
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when in doubt, adjust the truss rod.

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The guitars a fine for a beginner


its a bass... Have you ever heard of punctuation?
Sorry I was typing on my iPod and if you have any experience with that it can suck. Anyway I hope you make some progress with your learning.
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its a bass... Have you ever heard of punctuation?

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