I need your help !

I wrote a song and made to it some rhythm and backing music..
But I'm having hard troubles with some specific 1 chord..

I upload here a gp5 file that contains (sort of) the acoustic covering chords,
with the singing notes..

on the beginning of the second bar, there's a xxx chord, which is the relevant one,
I tried to fit few chords to there Like C major which inapt with the whole scale (the scale is on Bm),
also C#m, which does fit for the scale but sounds like it takes the song to some where else which is not good for me..
Also tried to continue the E from 1 step before it, but it just doesn't lead exactly to the Bm which is half "closer" for this line..

I need a chord which will be theoretically some where between the E and Bm (so Bass should be also between),
and also it should some how fit to these notes of singing.

I hope you could understand my point, and more important help me solve it..

It could help me big time !

Thank you,