This is a piece of art that is also an amp. This is something to put on display in the living room and used.

It is a faithful replica of the normal channel of a 1974X Marshall from the mid sixties. Perhaps the best blues amp ever made. The only change from original is a slightly beefed up power supply.

The transformers are Classic Tones manufactured in Chicago. I'm quite taken with them in the 18W'ers.
Filter caps are JJ. Mainly because they were black.
Signal caps are all Sprague Orange Drop or Atom with the exception of the power amp cathode cap. That one is an unused side of one of the JJ filter caps.
CTS pots.
The two front valve sockets are gold plated ceramics. The back three are NOS Russian military Micalex sockets.
Currently wired up for 230/240V but can be converted to 110/120 with a quick bit of soldering. ie the tap is there.

All valves are JJ.
2 x ECC83S
2 x EL84
1 x EZ81

As you can see I've reinforced it all with 2mm aluminium. The reinforcing at the power plug is actually 6mm.

How does it sound? You know what an 18W Marshall sounds like don't you? I was faithful to the original circuit. Once you get above 1 o'clock this thing really gets that Plexi crunch going. On 10 it just roars.
The touch sensitivity on this is second to none. Pick gently and it cleans up with those lovely Plexi-like cleans. Pick harder and it starts to growl. When you hear about talkback, this is what they mean. It has a conversation with you and you never quite know what it's going to say.
I've been running it through my 1x12 open backed cab with the Aussie boutique greenback clone. Sounds divine. It makes everything in the house rattle. I love it. Somebody will be happy with this I'm thinking. I'll be sad to see it go.

Au$700 plus postage from Victoria, Australia.

Postage to the US is $160.
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Bump for an incredibly cool amp. Somebody should definitely grab this up, great amp from a great builder.
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Bump for an incredibly cool amp. Somebody should definitely grab this up, great amp from a great builder.

Bump + 1.
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