So I'm thinking of buying a GFS prewired pickguard for a strat. However, I'd like the humbucker in the bridge position to be black to match with the color scheme I'll be going with.

I've found closed black humbucker covers online, but will these work with Strats or are they intended for other kinds of guitars?

If they won't work, what options do I have? Thanks!
Hmm. That seems like an extremely good deal. Are the quality of the pups comparable to GFS? I've heard decent things about GFS and if these guys are similar, I have no problem dropping for a pickguard from them.
The Dragonfire will be a little better, the humbucker in theres is a DFG Screamer. But if you were to buy the pick guard and pickups separately then GFS is the place to do it.
What about the DF Actives? I've been looking at getting the SA/SA/85 combo because I was originally going to go EMG, for my strat copy, but it was just too expensive.

Is that a viable option? I heard them on youtube and they sound quite good. A little less crunchy than EMG, but for the price, who's complaining?

Also, is the wiring for the Actives very complicated? And if it is, is there any way to get them prewired?